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Stephen Weese is a man with many talents. Computers have fascinated him since a young age, and he has since published a successful computer study book and completed a Master's degree in Computer Information Technology. He has taught networking and programming at the college level for over eight years.

Stephen started singing at a very young age and was classically trained as a Tenor. He then picked up the guitar so he could write and perform his own songs. This led to many recordings and two rock music videos that he produced himself. He has performed with classical choirs, one of which toured Israel.

Not only skilled intellectually, Stephen also excels in athletics. He has lifted weights for years, but also played baseball, football, softball, volleyball, basketball and tennis. His favorite physical endeavor, however, is fencing. He began fencing in college and chose the foil as his weapon, learning to fence competently with both hands.

His fascination with acting also began at a young age. Armed with a small portable tape recorder, the grade school thespian would record his own shows with his sister and friends. He then appeared in plays and musicals throughout high school and college, securing more than one lead role. When he was in his first short film for the 48 hour project, he was hooked and has never looked back.

He also has many hobbies, including writing non-fiction, television and movie scripts, and poetry. Cars have always been an interest he enjoys. He sold his 2006 Mustang GT convertible to finance his sci-fi film, Broken Spirits. He was the co-winner of the Oxity 500 road rally in Virginia, competing against over 50 other cars. His faith has always been important to him, and his family as well.